Farmhouse Living Concepts with an immense return on life.

The Village is a Farmhouse living concept designed and developed for urban citizens to invest into and own green cultivable spaces around the Hyderabad city. We believe the village to be a compelling proposition for anyone desirous to get back to their roots and live the earthy life. It is an unique opportunity to own rich cultivable land and along with it, a piece of pristine nature. The Village aims to be a community ecosystem of like- minded people armed with a vision to create stunning, pollution free, sustainable lung spaces that enhances the quality of their life and provides them spiritual returns.

The Concept Overview

Own a Piece of Nature; to nurture and flourish

When, we at Dharani Ventures, created the Village Farmhouse Concept, we envisioned a community that is desirous to to nurture its nature and live a green and sustainable life, far away from the ambition and chaos of the city; We wanted to create a place that inspires you to own, nourish and manicure your personal lung space and also belong to a verdant nature loving community of like minded folks, that have similar aspirations as you. The Village is a place where ideas like sustainable living, rain water harvesting, urban farming are not just buzzwords or concepts on paper. The very essence of the idea called The Village is built around the principles of ecological consciousness and sustainable living. The Village team is not just passionate about living this way but believe this to be the ideal way to live and therein lies our mission.

Each Village Unit consists of

  • Fencing

  • Solar

  • Fruit Plantation

  • Vegetable Plantation

  • Flower Beds

  • Waste Management

  • Farm House

  • Garden Elements

  • Gazebo

  • Electricity

  • Plumbing and Water Management


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FarmHouse Maintenance

  • Waste Management System
  • Specialist Staff trained in Farming and Plantation Upkeep
  • House Keeping Management
  • Garden Management
  • Plantation Management

Common Areas of the Village

  • Hard Top Roads
  • Avenue plantations along the roads
  • Open Area parks – landscaped to include the existing flora
  • Cycle friendly Tracks
  • Access to Trek trails in the surrounding hillocks
  • Small in-house dairy for internal dairy consumption
  • Trees conducive for birds nesting
  • Central Kitchen for Custom Catering

Clubhouse Facilities

  • Swimming pool
  • Dormitory accommodation for Guests
  • Amphitheater
  • Power back-up
  • Solar Powered Water Bore System
  • Community Kitchen Garden

Security & Safety

  • Front compound wall with security gate point
  • 24X7 security team
  • Border fencing all around
  • Solar Powered Street lighting